How To Hear God: Part 2

I always got check marks in the "Talks Too Much" category on my school report card. For someone who may talk too much, listening can often be a challenge. In order to listen to someone, you have to be willing.

So in order to hear God speak, you must be willing to what He prompts you to do. God speaks to those who are willing to do whatever He says to them. When God sees that we are truly willing to do whatever He says, He will speak. Why should He speak to us if He knows we won't do what He asks? Perhaps one of the reasons why He doesn't speak to us is because of His mercy; He knows we would not be obedient and thus bring judgement on ourselves.

When Philip was in the middle of a tremendous revival in Samaria, the Lord spoke to him in Acts 8:26 saying, "Arise and go south to the road that descends from Jerusalem to Gaza." This probably made no sense to Philip. Why leave an incredible revival to go somewhere else? But the Bible says Philip was willing and obeyed. Eventually, God's request made sense to Philip. But Philip would have never heard God's voice unless he had been willing to do what God had spoken to him.

Sometimes the Lord doesn't speak to us because we aren't listening or because we are rebelling. And sometimes what hinders our hearing from God is our immaturity. As we grow in our relationship with Him, we become more willing to do His will and He will then speak to you about larger areas in your life.