It's been said change is inevitable. Change isn't always bad. In fact, change can be a blessing in disguise.

About 2 years ago, I felt a strong urge from the Holy Spirit to do more, be more, share more, live more, give more, and love more. I knew God was calling me to do something else, but I wasn't quite sure what this "more" urging would look like or the form it would take. Not to mention, I was feeling an even stronger pull to spend more time and put more effort into my marriage and the leading of our children.

It was about that same time I started my own business. I had zero experience in the business world and was at a loss for how this business would change my life. I only knew what God was telling me to do: don't let your fear get in the way of your faith.

Tonight I will join the Fox 40 newscast as their 5:30pm meteorologist. In addition, I will still be the meteorologist for WLBT's 4pm, 5pm and 6pm newscasts. Therefore, the Fox 40 5:30pm will be an addition to my duties.

Since starting my own business less than 2 years ago, my pay check has increased over 12,500% in a down economy. In an economy when lay offs are happening, my business has added over 1,200 business partners in 40 states.

Following the pull that the Lord gave me 2 years ago, Thanksgiving night will be my last appearance on the WLBT 10pm news. This means I will have more time with my husband and children and be able to give them more attention and enjoy them even more.

Elated, thrilled, excited and grateful don't begin to describe how I feel about it all! I'm sure there's  probably a few more changes to come down the road and that's even more inspiring.

I don't know what changes God is tapping on your heart to do, but I'll tell you what He told me: don't let your fear get in the way of your faith.

(Barbie will be a guest performer and will give a mini-concert at the Thanksgiving Gospel Signing with the Chuck Wagon Gang this Saturday at Pearl High School at 6pm.)