You Beautiful Thing You

Happy Valentine’s Day Dolls and Gents!!! In all honesty, we have been stalling writing this post for the last couple of days. Not because we dread Valentine’s Day or love, or being single ON Valentine’s Day….it’s just that we honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal!!! We wrote the couples post because it was requested, but if it hadn’t been requested we probably wouldn’t have done anything. We’ve watched our dad love our mums every day of our lives and he treats her like it’s Valentine’s Day, everyday. And Valentine’s shouldn’t just be the love shown between lovers, it should be lived out to our brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and the people found in our everyday lives. In our family, it’s not about showy gestures this one day of the year…love is in the everyday actions.

Love should be found in the common place, in the routine and the boring. If a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates is enough to erase the memory of not being shown “commonplace” love throughout the rest of the year then we don’t want it!! Please, if you are single and “alone” on Valentines, don’t be bitter, or sad or feel like you’re missing out on something your friends in relationships are!!!!

You’re not!! If you’re single, decide to give yourself the most beautiful gift, worth way more than all the roses, chocolates and diamonds in the world combined. Fall in love with yourself. Yup, we know that sounds cliché, BUT….until you treat yourself like the most precious, worthwhile person you know, no one else will treat you that way either.

Assess yourself and your life. Are you where you want to be with your education, your career and your other relationships? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Share your strengths and talents with the world around you and work on your weak spots. Don’t fret and fuss how you don’t have a boyfriend and no one to go to the movies with…you should be so comfortable in your own skin that if you want to go see a movie, then you take your sweet a$$ to go see a movie and don’t feel sorry for yourself at all!!

When you fall in love with you and your life and focus your attention on reaching your goals and making your dreams come true, the right kind of people will eventually find you.

We promise.

So we’re not going to tell you to pamper yourself, although by all means do!! And we’re not going to tell you to curl up watching Jerry McGuire with a vat of ice cream and cry about the idea of “completing” someone….you’re enough and you matter and you shouldn’t have to go get a hot-oil massage to feel special today…today should be a great day because you’re going to focus on YOU and making your life the most exciting, barrier breaking and passion filled life that you can.


xo xo Liz and Adrian