Buckaroo Barbie Revolution

What if we here at Buckaroo Barbie became the face of a revolution? What if we became the change that we wish to see in the world? Why don’t we become the people at the front of the line, and encourage those coming up behind us by our willingness to be different?

Our generation (and we’re talking about ourselves here) has no class. We’re a bunch of unmannered boors.

The other day I went to lunch with the mums and Adrian, and I was horrified to find that when I sat down I had placed my phone on the table, shoved my elbows next to my plate and slouched in my seat. This didn’t used to be commonplace. And my mums didn’t even comment on my behavior, which means she has grown accustomed to it.

We as a society have grown used to all manner of things that aren’t necessarily good.

We cuss in public.

We make crass jokes in the name of humor.

We wear our sweats to town.

We aren’t expected to always say “How do you do?” or “Nice to meet you.” when we’re first introduced to someone.

People don’t dress when they travel or fly, which used to be a given.

Our children are excused from their public tantrums because they’re not European.

We women aren’t even surprised when we get a text from a man saying “wat up?”, because apparently that’s an acceptable way to strike up a conversation with a woman you want to impress.


Adrian and I so desperately don’t want to be the norm, we want to be the exception. We want our lives to be a huge fairytale, a story of integrity, hard work, the pursuit of knowledge and life-long class, and we believe the only way to achieve that is by being different.

We’re trying to be different by being…(brace yourselves, I’m going to bust out an old fashioned word here!),…ladies.

We were both embarrassed when we finally admitted to each other that we secretly look up to Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie. It just seems like such a cheesy thing to say you look up to someone you don’t know, but we do!
Angelina had her wild days and so did Kate, but look at the classy women they are now! We feel that their image is something we’d like to cultivate in ourselves, and although we know that you can’t know someone just from observing the public image, it’s a good place to start when choosing someone as a role model for your own image.

And when we say that that we’re trying to be ladies, we know that we fail most of the time. We’re saying that we’re striving for something bigger than what we are now.

One thing we’re trying to change about ourselves is the fact that we cuss like dock-workers! Seriously. We could probably make a platoon of Marines blush just in an everyday conversation. We’re not proud of ourselves, but the fact remains we have dirty mouths. Sigh. We’re working on it….our new favorite expression? “Sugar lips.”

Even if you don’t agree with our opinion of the world, be the change that YOU want to see around you. Encourage those less bold than you. Stand apart, not because of your shock factor but because of your WOW factor.

So along this theme, we’re going to continue posting on the change we hope to see and the women we ultimately want to be.

Let’s challenge, inspire and encourage one another on our individual quests for excellence, shall we? At the end of the day, that’s what being a Buckaroo Barbie is about.

xo xo Liz & Adrian