Sometimes You Have To Keep Your Mouth Shut

When the Holy Spirit gives you a word in due season, be careful who you share that with.

Joseph learned the hard way. God gave him two prophetic dreams which excited him. I'm sure he was tired of being mistreated and talked about by his older brothers. So when he had a dream he would be someone important one day and told his brothers, the Bible says in Genesis 37:5, "they hated him all the more". When Joseph told his father Israel (or Jacob) the revelation God shared with him through his dream, his father "kept the matter in mind" (verse 11). Due to Joseph's mouth, he went through years of captivity and slavery. God brought him out of that once he changed his mouth, and you know the rest of the story.

I learned years ago when I'm given prophetic dreams or a word from God concerning myself, there are only certain people I can share that with. Those whom I thought I could share it with are the exact ones who have used it against me. At times, I've told no one and kept it to myself until the appointed time when God manifested it, or brought it to be.

The devil likes to use people who "don't get it" to spoil the word you've been given either through doubt, ridicule or through their ostracizing you. There are some people in your life who will never be happy for you and share the joy of God working in your life. Pray for discernment if God has revealed something specifically to you as to who, if any, you should share that with. Don't allow the devil to steal your joy like he did for Joseph.

(Barbie is the guest speaker tonight at Broadmoor Baptist & will be the guest speaker at First United Methodist in Clinton Tuesday. Her new book is set to arrive later this week which she'll be sharing details on an upcoming blog.)