Look At Those Gams

Doesn't Alexa Chung look amazing in these red shorts? I'm not by nature a shorts person really. My legs just feel so....exposed!! But lately I've been wearing them more and more and I don't think I truly appreciated the diversity of shorts. Their potential is amazing, really. Take a look.

How great is this? Throw on a blazer over a plain t-shirt or collared shirt and you're stylish and cool.

Shorts don't have to be super tight or super short to be super cute. Unless you're supermodel Miranda Kerr, those jean shorts that have about as much material to them as a pair of panties? Not cute. And she doesn't even wear them like that out and about! In fact, almost everyone looks classier when something is left to the imagination. 

And last but not least, don't be afraid to try something non-denim! Linen, cotton and lace are easy to dress up or down. 

xo xo Liz