Requested light makeup

Hello, beauties!
Recently one of you asked me to come up with something natural for work in the sphere of healthcare. Honestly, don't know much of the subject, but my first association was something light and glowy as when we are healthy or happy we glow))) Really enjoyed it, and if it's not suitable for work... I kinda like it anyway))Hope you'll enjoy it too))I actually went on a date with this makeup... and it was quite a success))))))

P.S. I didn't use a white pencil before applying the shadow, but I wish I did, as it holds the eyeshadow better, so girls, I suggest applying the pencil first. Any pencil will do.

Urban Decay (Virgin -> Sin on the lid and just virgin under the brow)
NYX Caviar and Bubbles (light brown? on the top right corner of the palette, next to the golden shadow - under the eyes)
Maybelline gel liner (for the wing, feather it out by the way)
Maybelline the Rocket (love it!)
El Carazon white pencil