My pre-e-e-ecious

Hello, girls!
Sorry for being such a shitty blogger. But I've been trying to make a video that I promised you! Total Collapse, Absolute Nightmare and Epic Failure were helping me greatly! Thank you, guys! Without you my life would be so boring!
While I'm killing it... and everybody on the way, I noticed that my lovely ICING palette confused you a little bit. I tried to find it on the Internet and you know what? Nothing! Like it doesn't exist!
I've never been to the States, I've never seen the ICING brand before my friend gave this palette that she found in New Your makeup store like...2 years ago!
So I'll simply show it to you as it is and my other lovely palettes that I think are worth trying.
Here we go...
NYX 112 Box of Eyeshadows.
Priceless! On the top there're lots of neutral, gorgeous brown shadows. Very pigmented, don't know about the grams but I've been using it for 1,5 year already and a couple of times a week. You can even see a hole in my beloved dark brown shadow))))Both sides have shimmer and neutral shades, so it's perfect for a naked or a dramatic look.
The slide out part... xoxo.
Do I really need to say anything about it? Amazing stuff!! Can't wait for Halloween))))

Urban Decay Naked and NYX Caviar and Bubbles.
Urban - Speaks for itself.  Awesome for travelling. You're able to do a neutral look as well as a dramatic one. Wonderful for smoky eyes! Virgin can be used as a highlighter and Creep as a liner if you wet your brush, so you don't have to take many products with you!Lovely!
NYX - one of the best neutral palettes I think. I love NYX for a very soft, smooth texture. And the price! Girls, this brand is ridiculously cheap! Plus, again, it's a very comfortable stuff to travel with or simply carry in your bag. Don't know why you'd carry a palette in your bag... but why not? Maybe it's your lucky charm)))))

Finally... the black sheep that we've been talking so much about.
Sorry for those damaged golden eyeshadows; my cat walks where she wants, jumps on what she wants and drives crazy whoever she wants.
So... that's the only product that I've used from ICING and I wouldn't say that I'd buy it again. Though I really like the collection of goldy and bronzy eyeshadows, I'm sure I can find the same and of better quality in NYX or MAC or MakeUpForever. The colours are gorgeous, but they are not that pigmented as you'd like them to be. And you certainly need a base or a primer for the lightest eyeshadows. Neverthelss, the look magnificent of your... fingers! Yeah.. if you test the product on your finger you'll be screaming with joy like a puppy with a toy. But on the lids.... nope. Nobody's perfect)))))
 So, you have to use some tricks and tips to make it work that's why I wouldn't recommend buying it. Still, I'm very happy with the blushes! The lightest pink blush is a highlighter actually and it's very nice too. The powders are a disaster. Lip glosses... suck))))That's all my personal point of view, guys. It's not a bad palette, but I don't think it's a great one. For me Urban is much better.
If there's a product in ICING that I missed - let me know! May be I'm not lucky with this palette, but the brand itself is quite decent.

So, here are the palettes that I use in my tutorials. They are the only palettes. Strange as it may seem I'm not a fan of buying looooots of makeup stuff because it simply accumulates the dust or I just forget about it and it gets spoiled.

If you want me to show you the rest of my True-Love products or you have an idea with a makeup look while I'm trying to figure out how to edit videos, just let me know))))

I wish you a crazy Friday and great weekends!)))