Be Ready To Give

Last weekend, I attended the Rodan + Fields Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN. I had a wonderful time visiting with all of my business partners from all over the country!
To think 13 months ago, it was just me. Today, I have business partners in 9 other states including Puerto Rico. God is blessing in ways I cannot fully describe with allowing me to surpass my television income and help others do the same.
While in Nashville, I had many discussions with my team about the calling God has for each of us. Many have let their past affect their life and haven't been able to move forward. I saw each one encourage the other, lift each other up in prayer, and hug in admiration and pure concern for their friend.
Countless times every day, our God deeply desires to meet the needs of people all around us, but something or someone gets in the way. By in large, our giving time, encouragement or even resources reflects our decisions based on our understandings and our priorities. But what would happen if we became more purposeful about living in active, daily dependence on God to direct us in who to share with? Whether it's a kind word, a show of affection, or money, we would serve as God's delivery agents.
In I Timothy 6:18, Paul gives the young preacher Timothy a glimpse of how Christians can have God direct their giving, "Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share." Ready and willing suggests that all obstacles and things that stand in the way have been removed beforehand. In other words, you've already made a decision, prepared and are commited so that you can act in kindness to someone else. That way, when God signals someone needs love shown to them, we can respond immediately.
When you come across someone who needs encouragement, a listening ear, or perhaps a financial blessing, respond without hesitation whenever and wherever God leads.