Severe Weather Tonight

If you've been watching the weather, you're aware of what a volatile week it's been. With tornadoes, damage and deaths in the plains states, March is certainly coming in like a lion!
We had our own share of tornadic Wednesday with several tornado warnings issued. Now it's time for a final round before the week is over.
The cold front entering the state tonight is quite potent. We've been socked with warm, muggy, unstable air for the last few days. This cold front has cooler and drier air behind it; thus, the clashing of air masses.
The storms are expected to enter the western half of the state sometime after 3pm today and continue developing as the system pushes east. The storms should be exiting the WLBT viewing area by 2am Saturday. All modes of severe weather is possible. This means large hail, damaging winds and strong tornadoes cannot be ruled out. Here is the NWS's graphical depiction of what is possible. Click on the photo to make it larger and find your county.
With the possibility of power outages and "rain fade" happening for those of you who depend of satellite, I can't recommend enough that you purchase a weather radio before this afternoon. This operates not only on electricty but on battery power as well (we recommend one that has S.A.M.E. county code techonology). It will alert you should a tornado warning be issued for your county.
I'll be tracking the storms on WLBT, Twitter & Facebook so you can follow my posts there.