Time To Grow!

Viewers are always commenting on my hair---it's too long, it's too short, it's too "big", it's too fill-in-the-blank. While my hair, and other superficial things, tend to be a topic of disdain for some viewers, I had idea five years ago: Why not use something people complain about as a way to minister to others? Thus, WLBT's Great Lengths program was birthed.

We've set a Guinness Book of World Records in the past and teamed up with the American Cancer Society to provide human hair wigs for Mississippi women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Today at St. Dominic Cancer Services, there is a wig room outfitted with various human hair wigs in many colors for women to choose. While most human hair wigs cost over $1000, the gift of hair is free but takes quite a commitment from those who are growing their hair to donate.

This year, my two daughters--Gracie and Lilly Faith--are growing their hair with me. We will have our hair cut on March 4, 2013 on LIVE television along with hundreds of other men, women and children of all ages and hair types and colors from across the state of Mississippi. Our hair will then be sent to Pantene where it will be put with other hair of like color and texture and made into a beautiful head of hair, then shipped to Mississippi for the wig room to stay stocked.

Would you like to join us? Go to this link  and sign up to donate. If you'd like to tell us why you're donating, we may share that with our WLBT viewers. All details are listed on that page.

Let's grow, cut and share with our friends!

Here is the wig room at St.Dominic Cancer Services.