Heidi Klum inspired

I'm a huuuuge Heidi's fan!
Not just because I find her extremely beautiful and veeery stylish, it seems that she is a very strong person and a great businesswoman!
Anyway, I saw her photo from Golden Globe and loved her goldy-sparling makeup, we have a very different eyeshape, plus half of her eye was covered with eyelashes, so I decided to do it my way))
It's ultra easy and... attention BLUE eyed and BROWN eyed - this is 100% your look!))))
If you have green eyes - try purple/burgundy instead of brown. You can leave it as it is, the colours mentioned are just tiny little bit better))

P.S. I'm working on an explanation of every colour type through a Color Wheel))

NYX Caviar&Bubbles
ICING makeup kit
maybelline the Colossal
white pencil by PUPA