WTH is Spring???

Where The Hell is Spring???
Don't know about your country, but in Russia it's been raining all week! And I feel like some Titanic wandering around the Atlantic puddles! So I decided to do something bright to cheer myself up but not too dramatic as in this gloomy cosmopolitan hell it might look quite heavy. 
Used lots of products as couldn't find the perfect colour, in step 4 I got tired of all the goldy shimmer so I blended NYX Caviar&Bubbles (the shadow next to white) to make the lid less sparkly. On the whole you get a golden rainbow on top with a cute blue puddle in the bottom. *giggled*

REVLON as always
Maybelline the Falsies
NYX C&B (the lightest gold in the corner of the eye and step 4 for blending)
ICING makeup kit(step 2 bronzy colour and brown for the crease + that green or blue... what do we call this colour by the way?)
URBAN Decay (Virgin for brightening under the brow)
El Corazon white pencil (it's the best what I've ever used!)

Enjoy, ladies!