A Random List

I love the smell of books….especially old ones. It’s intoxicating.

The nicest decorations for any home, no matter how poor or how grand, are fresh flowers.

Little gifts should be given to those you love frequently and for no reason at all. They’re the best.

Even when the situation is awkward and you feel uncomfortable, in moments of grief it is always appropriate to give the hurting person a hug and say, “I’m sorry.”

Learn to make your own bread. It’s so much better. Especially with good butter and homemade preserves.

Everyone should read the Little House on the Prairie series, the Chronicles of Narnia series and Jeremiah Johnson.

Our families are insane, out of their minds, loud and constantly in your business….but they’re family. Culture relationships with them and stay friends anyway.

Always make time for children in your life.

Watch Hatari! with John Wayne again.

I feel the “sexiest” or most comfortable (those are kind of synonyms for me), in anything with pockets. I’m weird like that.

If you’re having dinner with a group of people, technically the ladies aren’t supposed to refill their wine glasses….a man is. One hopes that the men at the table are paying attention to the state of one’s glass.

Make your own vanilla extract, spaghetti sauce, bread and whipped cream. It’s just better.

Never underestimate the support and pleasure that can be found from a good bra. Also, never underestimate the discomfort that comes from wearing the wrong type cut of panties when playing cowboy all day.

Candles are always a nice touch at supper, even when you’re alone. Maybe especially when you’re alone.

I never fully trust people if they don’t have books in their house.

Never pass up an opportunity to rope the dummy.

I always forget to send handwritten thank-you notes. I was raised to send them, I used to send them all the time, and I always MEAN to write them now. But of late they’ve ended up in a pile on my desk, along with my good intentions. I detest that!

Unless your parents are major dirtballs, never date anyone who doesn’t want to meet your family.

You can’t live a positive life unless you approach life with an amazing attitude and a positive outlook.

Always brush your hair starting from the ends.

I get so nervous to have serious conversations with people that it’s stupid. I replay everything I THINK I’m going to say, which makes me even more nervous so that by the time I actually get around to talking with said person, every coherent thought flies right out of my head. It’s exciting, really. Try it some time.

Never wash your tshirts and socks together.

If you like her, always kiss her goodnight.

xo xo Liz