Make Barbie jealous

Hello, everyone!
In winter I did a dramatic/romantic pink makeup and it was quite popular, now I decided to update it, using a grey-brown shade aaaand the white pencil which is extremely important here. It's summer now, so it's hot, make up doesn't last all day and we need to make it "stronger". That's why you need a pencil here, it will "lock" your colour so it won't fade away during the day. Plus I used a lighter shade of brown here that made this look less dramatic and absolutely wearable. Besides, I chose a slightly fuchsia pink shadow which is very popular right now. You can find a green or a yellow shadow as well.

ICING (pink)
NYX 112 palatte (soft grey-brown)
Urban Decay Naked (Virgin)
El Carazon white pencil (take any white pencil)
the Maybelline Rocket