She's Like Nowhere You've Been

I am happily content, sitting in a tangle of blankets, dogs and my little sister's stories. Adrian came home late last night from the WRCA's Championship Ranch Bronc Riding in Texas where she opened for Reckless Kelly.We stayed up until the wee hours, unable to sleep until we filled the void that is created when we are separated for very long. 

We chat, we squirm, Adrian leans over and bites me on the shoulder, so I respond with a clumsy kick to her hip. We giggle, seriously discuss upcoming life changes and cry, we discuss new books we've read and drink copious amounts of tea...I get a piggy back that no doubt does nothing for Adrian's old compression fractures and she dances off to a go for a 2 mile run.

From my vantage point here on this big leather couch, I can see our family's flag on the porch. It flaps in the wind with a mesmerizing grace and I think back to a discussion my dad, the mums and I had yesterday about Memorial Day. I say a quiet "Thank-You" to those who laid down their lives in service of our country and Roo picks her head up, wondering if I'm talking to her. 

I turn my favorite song of the moment on so that it's quietly playing in the background and look up when a red-faced and sweating Adrian comes through the front door. 

She smiles at me and I smile at her and for now, 
She is home. 

xo xo Liz