Teresa Palmer

It's a shame but... I had no idea who she was. Accidentally saw her photo and loved the look. I guess that's what she had for Golden Globe or some recent glamorous-fashionable-super-duper-celebrity event.
Turned out that she is... an actress! Wow... love learning something new.
Her last film must be Warm Bodies or something like that. Going to watch it.
Anyway... her make up was aaabsolutely gorgeous! Yees... it's always all about false eyelashes when it comes to the redcarpet but actually it's quite a wearable look for any occasion if you don't exaggerate with shimmer and lashes.
Products are:
Icing + Urban Decay Naked (to create that goldy-orangy-shimmery colour)
REVLON gel liner
Maybelline the Colossal Volume

 p.s. She is Australian ... and I've just realized that I have a serious crush on Australian actors and actresses (Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Julian McMahon) they are all so cute... I'm sure every Australian has a koala ancestor... that's why they are so adorable. Just saying...