WTH is Spring???

Where The Hell is Spring???
Don't know about your country, but in Russia it's been raining all week! And I feel like some Titanic wandering around the Atlantic puddles! So I decided to do something bright to cheer myself up but not too dramatic as in this gloomy cosmopolitan hell it might look quite heavy. 
Used lots of products as couldn't find the perfect colour, in step 4 I got tired of all the goldy shimmer so I blended NYX Caviar&Bubbles (the shadow next to white) to make the lid less sparkly. On the whole you get a golden rainbow on top with a cute blue puddle in the bottom. *giggled*

REVLON as always
Maybelline the Falsies
NYX C&B (the lightest gold in the corner of the eye and step 4 for blending)
ICING makeup kit(step 2 bronzy colour and brown for the crease + that green or blue... what do we call this colour by the way?)
URBAN Decay (Virgin for brightening under the brow)
El Corazon white pencil (it's the best what I've ever used!)

Enjoy, ladies!

Early Morning Note to Myself

Wake up.

Grab your cell phone and check the time.

Groan in disbelief when you drop it on your face.

Pray for the ones you love and then pray again.

Slide out of the bed so you don't disturb the little sister sleeping next to you.

Shut the window that's letting in so much cold air and shuffle off in search of that elixir of life....coffee.

Curl up with a blanket, a notepad and pen and write until you're dry. Do it even if you don't want to, and do it especially when you feel like you have no words inside you.

Decide to choose joy for this day.

Take a deep breath, and think about that person you want to be and decide to do something today that will take you closer to that person.


Use kind words.

Ask for forgiveness when you don't use kindness.

Love those around you and love them with your actions, not just your words.

Never give up, no matter how desperate it may seem.

Surround yourself with people, music, books and art that inspire you to be an even better version of you.

And above all things, be authentic to yourself.

xo xo Liz

Don't Care via That Kind of Woman

I found this on a blog called That Kind of Woman. It was so great I had to share with all of you! 
You shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about what you wear. But, just make sure that when you clothe and layer yourself you do so in a manner that reflects who you are. Not who people think you are, or who people assume you to be. Not in the things that are fads or trends. Wear what you want to wear because you feel good in it. Because it’s not about them, it never was, and never will be. It’s about you and what you love, and what suits you. It’s what makes you feel like what you wear suits who’s inside. 
As long as you wear what other’s expect you to, you are just wearing it for the everyday, why not wear it for you. Style isn’t fashion. Style is you, wearing what you want and everyone else be damned.

xo xo Liz 


Have to admit...
I absolutely suck these days at doing any kind of tutorials as I simply neither have time nor power...
so, that's the only makeup that I do now, there's nothing simpler than that. Though you can always make it more dramatic if you use bright colours instead of neutral ones.

Urban Decay
REVLON gel eyeliner
white PUPA pencil
Maybelline the Colossal

Quote of the Week

"Love doesn't just sit there like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new." 

- Ursula K. Le Guin

xo xo Liz & Adrian

Don't Put Him in a Box

Until last weekend, we haven't moved in 16 years. One thing I've learned about moving: the boxes multiply like bunnies. Just when you think you've emptied all of the boxes and put things into their proper place, you find more boxes waiting to be unloaded. It's a never-ending pile it seems.

While I stared at the pile of empty boxes, I felt the Holy Spirit remind me of the many times I've placed God in a box. While I may have prayed for an answer to a complex situation and begged for God to move on my behalf, I've spiritually limited Him by not believing He would REALLY answer my prayer or perhaps I believed I hadn't been good enough for Him to be concerned about my worries. So, without knowing it, I've put God in a box.

Hebrews 11:6 says, "But without faith, it is impossible to please him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him."

If God has no limits, then neither should our prayers. God exists and operates outside of the four space-time dimensions of boxes and the world He created. Therefore, we should pray that way. Even our hardest prayers are easy for the One who created, sees and knows all. And it doesn't matter how long or how loud you pray. It all boils down to if you believe there is no limit to God's power to answer your prayer.

God can answer your prayers. Because He can, you can pray with fervor, ferocity, focus, and see His favor on your circumstance. God is not going to stay in the little box I've put Him in.

(Barbie will be the guest speaker this Thursday at First Baptist Church of Madison's ladies dinner.)

Finally... you must be wondering what the hell have I just told you?
You have green eyes, so what? Put on some red eye shadow and live happily ever after?
Weeeell... drug queens will definitely love it!))))

Look at the Color Wheel again.
Let's imagine that you have blue eyes, and if you use the same colour for your eyeshadow - you'll end up with a huge blue spot on your face. Blue blends with your beautiful eyes, it doesn't make your eyes bluer. The same with green. You can just take yourself a green skirt and a green shirt. How does it look like? Booooring.  Or how will you look like if you're dressed in jeans clothes? Shirt, jeans, jacket - everything of the same material. Horrible, people. That is horrible.

With the brown colour we are not usually competing.
Though, you might have a gold undertone, then burgundy, purples will bring it out.
Just look at the color wheel. The opposite colour of yellow is purple.
If you have darker brown eyes - purples, blues are your colours.

But what if you have hazel eyes? 
If they are green and blue - you can decide what colour you want to bring out.
For blue you choose all warm of shades. Brown, bronze, gold....
For green - purple, burgundy.

If they are green-blown hazel eyes - I would suggest bringing out the green colour. So we use burgundy, purples.

The point is - we go across!!!

So, here we are. I honestly tried to make it simple)))
I even have a dessert for those who managed to stay till the end;)))

(warm shadows)          
 copper, peach, bronze, coral, rust              
(cool shadows)
 pink, violet purple

(neutral shadows)
white, grey, caramel, gold, chocolate, silver

(evening shadows)
plum, burgundy, dark brown, black, cranberry, indigo

GREEN EYES (avoid white & silver)
 (warm shadows)                                                                                
 apricot, bronze, peach      
 (cool shadows)
lilac, pink, plum 
(neutral shadows)
soft brown, pink, mocha, fawn, +shimmery colours

 (evening shadows)
dark brown. violet, copper, burgundy


(warm shadows)    
gold, taupe, copper, coral 
(cool shadows)
lilac, lavender

(neutral shadows)
beige, pink, grey

(evening shadows)
eggplant, plum, violet, purple, emerald, dark blue, deep forest green

(warm shadows)      
 bronzecopper, orange, coral                                                                           

(cool shadows)
violet, soft silver, +glitter

(neutral shadows)
grey, beige, pink

(evening shadows)
purple, charcoal, metallic green

Color Wheel Madness

So, some of you found it difficult to find your best color.
I'm not saying that after my tutorial life will become easier but there certainly will be some hope))))
If you're lazy to read all this, just look for this type of words as they describe the colour of your eyes.
Remember, these are not strict rules, these are make up tips!
You're free to do whatever makes you happy and what you believe is beautiful for you!

Let me start with some boring and essential theory. There're 3 types of colours.

Primary colours are RED, YELLOW and BLUE. They are basic. It means that you can never get these colours by mixing any 2 colours.

Secondary are the colours you get from mixing primary colours together.

Tertiary colour you get from mixing 1 primary + 1 secondary.

Now, the fun part. COMPLIMENTARY colour is your FRIEND.
These colours are "pairs" of colours that are considered to be opposite of each other. They help your eyes to pop!

Ok. You must have rainbows in your eyes now. Let's take a deep breath. You can do it. You like makeup. You like colours. You like the colour of your eyes. You can do it!)))
Now. Try to remember the colour of your eyes. Good girl. Look at this color wheel again.

Blue eyed - complimentary is orange. (if you have followed me for a while you should have noticed that I'm obsessed with gold. Plus blue+yellow is considered to be a Royal combination)
Green -> Red (why do you think we like so much ginger girls with red lipstick?)
Brown! You're lucky! Do whatever you want! No homework for you)))

.... -> part 2 

Heidi Klum inspired

I'm a huuuuge Heidi's fan!
Not just because I find her extremely beautiful and veeery stylish, it seems that she is a very strong person and a great businesswoman!
Anyway, I saw her photo from Golden Globe and loved her goldy-sparling makeup, we have a very different eyeshape, plus half of her eye was covered with eyelashes, so I decided to do it my way))
It's ultra easy and... attention BLUE eyed and BROWN eyed - this is 100% your look!))))
If you have green eyes - try purple/burgundy instead of brown. You can leave it as it is, the colours mentioned are just tiny little bit better))

P.S. I'm working on an explanation of every colour type through a Color Wheel))

NYX Caviar&Bubbles
ICING makeup kit
maybelline the Colossal
white pencil by PUPA

A Good Day Branding

Last week, we got to go help some good friends brand. It's the time of year here where it's cold in the morning, and hot in the afternoon.

 What better way is there to spend the day than surrounded by good people doing what you love? 

xo xo Liz 


Hello, ladies!
Today I've come across Rihanna's photo from some event, quite an old one I guess, but still, her make up was so simple and still a little dramatic, so I couldn't help recreating it.
It's a great look for hooded or even small eyes I think, because the emphasis is on the lower lash line, so you won't end up looking like you have dark eyeshadows all over your lid. And it will look especially cool on girls with brown or green eyes.

REVLON gel liner
Urban Decay Naked
Maybelline the Colossal

Quote of the Week

 “Be positive, ignore the critic, follow your heart, invest in your passions, believe in your dreams and get busy making them reality.” 
-Josh Cox 

xo xo Liz & Adrian

Keri Hilson

Well... finally I have to admit my camera sucks.
If you still can make out something like light purple(on top) and sky-blue(bottom) things are not that bad)))
ICING makeup kit
Urban Decay Naked
REVLON gel liner
Maybelline (the Colossal)

Second Chances and Bonds On My Feet

Second chances are amazing gifts. I've posted this before, but I have a tendency to be horribly mean to the person who inspired it. I have a chance to be their friend again, and I'm so glad they're back in my life. Please forgive me my rambling, but if you have a chance to right a wrong that you made, do it now without waiting another minute! I wish I hadn't let my pride and the fear of NOT being forgiven hold me back for as long as it did. 


Tan hands and sunburnt cheeks

Two pairs of Bonds leaning by the door

Work jeans cuffed, bare feet tiptoeing off the freshly scrubbed floor

It’s shivering cold at night and baby please hold me warm
70’s shag carpets and lights that don’t work

It’s finally learning to shape a shoe just right
It’s the first job in town

Coming home late and tired at night
It’s breakfast at 3am

And crying in the shower

It’s new Tip’s saddles and soft
“I ordered this silver for you”

Axe body wash and vanilla spice spray

It’s ham and cheese grilled sandwiches

And branding

And calving

And fighting

And crying

And growing….

It’s life

xo xo Liz

Teresa Palmer

It's a shame but... I had no idea who she was. Accidentally saw her photo and loved the look. I guess that's what she had for Golden Globe or some recent glamorous-fashionable-super-duper-celebrity event.
Turned out that she is... an actress! Wow... love learning something new.
Her last film must be Warm Bodies or something like that. Going to watch it.
Anyway... her make up was aaabsolutely gorgeous! Yees... it's always all about false eyelashes when it comes to the redcarpet but actually it's quite a wearable look for any occasion if you don't exaggerate with shimmer and lashes.
Products are:
Icing + Urban Decay Naked (to create that goldy-orangy-shimmery colour)
REVLON gel liner
Maybelline the Colossal Volume

 p.s. She is Australian ... and I've just realized that I have a serious crush on Australian actors and actresses (Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Julian McMahon) they are all so cute... I'm sure every Australian has a koala ancestor... that's why they are so adorable. Just saying...