High Entertainment Worship

It seems like our church services today are designed to be more man-pleasing services set to itch a tickling ear and to be full of entertainment. Unfortunately, these kind of meetings have very little of our sacrificial love poured out to God who alone deserves our praise and worship.

I believe God would rather have moments with a few people who really love Him than for everyone to come and be entertained. It's like we're hosting a party for God in which we trade presents with each other while totally ignoring His presence.

Psalm 103:1 says, "Bless the Lord, O my soul." It doesn't say "O Lord, bless MY soul." God is tired of reaching into His pocket to dispense the blessings of His hand. He wants us to enjoy the fellowship with His face.

(Barbie will be speaking at MADCAAP's Hope for Today event Tuesday night & First Baptist Church of Vicksburg Thursday night. This event is SOLD OUT.)