8 Things NOT To Do On Your Weekend Drive In the "Country"

Last night the mums and I were sitting up talking and she was telling me about the walk she went on earlier that morning. She was trying to get her sweat on (good job mums!) and a caravan of trucks loaded with 4-wheelers and camping gear passed her. They all saw her and still they blew past her going about 50 mph! That led us to talking about some of the things we wished people from town would keep in mind when they come out to the "country" for a drive. That conversation led to this post:

8 Things NOT To Do On Your Weekend Drive 

Please don’t drive past ranch houses at 40 mph. Slow the heck down. And turn your brights off at night while you’re at it.

You’re an adult. If you’re going to be driving on dirt roads 90 miles from town in the spring time, realize that you might not have cell service, you might need gas and you could probably use chains and a shovel. Also, don’t  “forget” to return mine that I loaned you in a moment of generosity. 

If you pass some people horse-back trying to push a bunch of black cows into a pen directly facing you, don’t park your car in the gate and get out and take pictures.

If you pull up into the yard, don’t let your 10 dogs out and allow them to run all over the property, chase the cats and the stock and pee on my mother’s plants. Or do, but don’t be surprised when I’m not willing to help you out.

Don’t assume that just because you can’t see anyone you can shoot anything in any direction. ASK. And please, for the love of God, make sure of your target before you shoot.

Don’t go through gates without asking. But if you’re gonna do it, don’t just leave it open. If it was shut, it was shut for a reason. Get out and close it.

If you forget to pack food and water, don’t just demand that I give you mine.

If you need parts for your truck or air for your tire, ask nicely first. Don’t just start going though the barn and shed for what you need.

 And last but not least, enjoy yourself and the places we love, just use your common sense! 

xo xo Liz aka a disgruntled resident living on a county road