Bucket List

I like lists.

I always have, kind of how I’ve always read cookbooks like they were novels. 
I’m weird like that.

I make to-do lists, lists of random things I like, feelings I hope to invoke in myself and other people, places I want to go, gear I needwant, goals I want to accomplish by certain points in my life, and….yes, you knew this was coming…all the different foods I want to eat and recipes I want to try.

The one list I've never made was a Bucket List.

I always felt like it was an excuse to not make concrete goals and put things off until you were dead.

Until last night.
I now have the start of a Bucket List.

Wanna know what’s on it? Good, cuz I’m gonna tell you!!!

The extent of my bucket list, as of last night. I'm going to add a lot more to it!
I also feel really cool that I was able to take a picture of my notes on my phone...even though Adrian had to show me how to do it. 

I’ve mentioned in the past how the mums and I like to watch cooking shows together. I have chronic Lyme disease and when I have a rough day I generally spend it on the couch. And since I love food, why not watch a cooking show while you’re feeling down and out?!

I just got hooked on the show called Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.

It’s AMAZING!!!! There are so many greasy, mom and pop places out there that I would never have even known they existed, and now I REALLY want to eat at them all! 

For instance, I’ve never wanted to go to Florida. I mean, I grew up listening to Ian Tyson sing how it was a “low and lugubrious land.” I don’t do low and lugubrious lands.…but now I want to go there so I can eat myself sick at a little shack called California Tacos! The things this man does to fish tacos should be illegal in 10 states. I'm definitely inspired to try my own version. If it works, I'll share it with you. If it doesn't work, I'll invite you on a road trip to Florida with me. 

In case you are a crazy foodie like me, you can go visit The Food Network’s page and search for places near you to go visit! Whoop whoop! There's an awesome excuse for a road trip if I've ever heard one...."No listen, Ma...I've gotta go try the breakfast hash at Frank's Diner in Wisconsin...I'll be back next week some time. Wanna come?" If anyone actually DOES try that out I would really, really like to be informed. Please and thank-you. 

Do you have a Bucket List? And if so, what's the craziest thing on it??? I know my "Bucket List" doesn't count as "crazy"...all my crazies are slowly being checked off my goal list, but seriously....what do you dream of accomplishing before it's too late? 

xo xo Liz