Happy Days

Today was an amazing day.


Well for one, I got a lot of work done with my schoolwork and finals are next week. Yay!

Two, our custom made Western Chic Couture cuffs arrived in the mail and I can't WAIT to show them to you all. I've been wearing mine since it arrived and it is just so pretty!

And three, just as Adrian and I were about to head off for a ride the UPS truck pulled up and brought us jeans from our AMAZING sponsors, Sissie and Me and Ranch Royalty Clothing Company!!

And four, Adrian and I felt like our horses did really great! How you could you ask for anything more???? (Unless it was a steak and french fries....)

The little sister
My Fat Albert

I just realized he's 15, how time flies! 
Roo baby 

When the UPS truck comes, BF feels that it is his duty to try and get run over . So Adrian rescues him.
No, you can't go home with the UPS man.
Jeans are here!!!
Happy, happy, happy!!!
Happy dance!

Adrian's Bruce Heaner spurs
Western Chic Couture cuff, out and about! 

Custom Buckaroo Barbie cuffs from Western Chic Couture!
They have a quote from Adrian's song, Buckaroo Barbie! 

"Buckaroo Barbie....Outlaw Woman, Gotta Be Free"
Thank you so much Hailey!!  

What was the most amazing moment of your day??

xo xo Liz