Like a Tijuana Whorehouse

I'm known as the "quiet sister."

I turn bright red when the group of four I'm talking to over dinner all look at me at the same time.

I literally ran away (I'm sorry and I'm not proud), from some people who were trying to talk to me at Adrian's CD release party. Like down the hall, arms pumping, ran away.

I throw up whenever I've roped in town, not so much because I'm nervous about how I'm going to do, but because I know that EVERYONE IS LOOKING.

So it's really weird that for being the shy and retiring sister, I'm the one who is wildly experimental when it comes to color, be it my hair or the walls of a house.

When I was in high-school I painted my bedroom a beautiful, bright turquoise color with screaming yellow trim. My mums walked in, took one look around and said, "Your room looks like a Tijuana whorehouse."

The question left bouncing around my brain, of course was, how do you know what the inside of Tijuana whorehouse looks like???" Hmmm.....

That being said, when it comes to home decor (I don't like the word "decor". It sounds pompous and I feel like I should follow it up with using the word "piece" when talking about furniture. Shudder.), I like bright colors, different textures and as many photos crammed onto one wall as possible.

Kind of like a Tijuana whore house, I guess...

Here's some home inspiration that I found from late night wanderings on Pinterest, enjoy!

And while I know paint can be expensive and most of the things that I would LOVE to have to decorate my home with I can't afford, never forget that a simple bouquet of flowers does wonders to transforming a home, no matter what or where it may be.

xo xo Liz