You're the Reason

This morning, the beginning of Easter weekend, dawned with a light rain and that lovely damp smell that comes from early mornings. I love being warm in bed under a pile of blankets with the window open and you can just smell the cold air pouring into the bedroom….that is bliss.

Easter has always been my favorite holiday, and the memories of past Easters come rushing back.

This year feels different. There’s so much hope in our family, Adrian and I are slowly reaching goals that last year we were secretly thinking were impossible.

So I would just like to encourage you as someone who has experienced failure, pain and tragedy first hand, it does get better! It does, please don’t lose hope. Last year at this time I was looking back at the year before and thinking, “I can’t believe how far I’ve come since last year.” I’m doing the same thing today. I’m looking back on the accomplishments, the confidence and telling myself, I never thought we’d make it this far. It’s a great feeling.

Your hopes and dreams are not impossible. I knew that before, but now I know for sure that the darkness does eventually dissipate and you find yourself stronger than you ever imagined.

Do not give up, my friend. You were born to do great things.

xo xo Liz

Mila Kunis

Ok, if you think that this look will take you for ages I can assure you ... yes it will.
It's aaaall about blending and building the colour... and then smudging and building again. And plus some extra sparkly detail... and just a tiny little bit of building again... ooops, too much! Bleeeending time...
Well... good luck)))
Products are:
Urban Naked Palette
REVLON gel eyeliner

Like a Tijuana Whorehouse

I'm known as the "quiet sister."

I turn bright red when the group of four I'm talking to over dinner all look at me at the same time.

I literally ran away (I'm sorry and I'm not proud), from some people who were trying to talk to me at Adrian's CD release party. Like down the hall, arms pumping, ran away.

I throw up whenever I've roped in town, not so much because I'm nervous about how I'm going to do, but because I know that EVERYONE IS LOOKING.

So it's really weird that for being the shy and retiring sister, I'm the one who is wildly experimental when it comes to color, be it my hair or the walls of a house.

When I was in high-school I painted my bedroom a beautiful, bright turquoise color with screaming yellow trim. My mums walked in, took one look around and said, "Your room looks like a Tijuana whorehouse."

The question left bouncing around my brain, of course was, how do you know what the inside of Tijuana whorehouse looks like???" Hmmm.....

That being said, when it comes to home decor (I don't like the word "decor". It sounds pompous and I feel like I should follow it up with using the word "piece" when talking about furniture. Shudder.), I like bright colors, different textures and as many photos crammed onto one wall as possible.

Kind of like a Tijuana whore house, I guess...

Here's some home inspiration that I found from late night wanderings on Pinterest, enjoy!

And while I know paint can be expensive and most of the things that I would LOVE to have to decorate my home with I can't afford, never forget that a simple bouquet of flowers does wonders to transforming a home, no matter what or where it may be.

xo xo Liz

Quote of the Week

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

 – Wayne Gretzky 

xo xo Liz & Adrian 

Photo Credit: aconversationcool 

Demi Lovato look

Hello, beauties!
Let's recreate today quite similar to Megan Fox look (which seems to me you liked) but a little bit more dramatic.
I would even say that's it a combination of Fox and typical brown makeup look that suits blondes or girls with blue eyes so much.
Products are:
Urban Decay Naked (my precious)
NYX The Runway collection
the blue colour is from ICING

Listening to Give Your Heart a Break I wish you a good day, ladies!)))

p.s. after some time I went wild and got tired of making "sexy-clever" faces for the camera.
It happens sometimes...

Wedding? why not

A combination of light pinky-vanilla shade + something between violet and brown and my all time favourite gold (I must be sooo boring)
I think it can look quite nice on a wedding day actually, or if it's too much makeup for you, just skip the gold pencil and use the white one instead.

Products are:
Urban Decay Naked Palette
NYX the Runway Collection
pencil by Pupa
mascara by Maybelline (Falsies)

p.s. noticed only after posting that I've mixed up 2 steps. I hope you'll figure out what I meant.
Sorry, girls

Spring Time

If it hadn't been for the posts of my friends on Facebook, the fact that today is the first day of Spring would have completely passed me by! Which actually makes me disgusted with myself. Insert me snorting in disgust (here).

I take my math final on Friday and then sweet relief, I'm free!! Happy Dance!

Until the next semester, that is.

When I first got sick, I had a really hard time allowing myself to A) be sick, and B) let people help me. I wanted to do it all by myself, even if that meant I'd get sicker, feel crappier and make my entire family frustrated with me. I can be alarmingly like a toddler learning to feed itself.

I'm hard headed. But I've slowly been learning to listen to my body, swallow my pride and let people help me so that I can do more things on days I don't feel so great.

Lyme disease is weird, one day I can be feeling great, go for run, do pushups, ride, do homework, braid some rawhide and then BAM, not be able to walk by myself the next day. And then I can be back up and at it again the very next day. I'm hoping to make it to a friend's branding this weekend and because I haven't been feeling too hot lately, I've been taking it easy.

Which means that on this glorious first day of spring, I went for a little ride with Adrian. Not the long, "training" adventure I wanted, because hopefully I'm finally starting to carry learning forward and me babying myself today will make it so I can brand later. Sigh. Sometimes it takes me a long time to learn an easy lesson.

So my little sister was incredibly kind, caught and saddled my fat man and let me go on a short little ride around. And it was a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of spring. As are the storm clouds hovering in the background...come on rain!!

Sometimes when Adrian sings I have to do a little fist pump.

Does anyone else do that? You finally learn a lesson that you had been bashing your head against for the longest time, and realize that it wasn't that hard to begin with?!

xo xo Liz 

Bucket List

I like lists.

I always have, kind of how I’ve always read cookbooks like they were novels. 
I’m weird like that.

I make to-do lists, lists of random things I like, feelings I hope to invoke in myself and other people, places I want to go, gear I needwant, goals I want to accomplish by certain points in my life, and….yes, you knew this was coming…all the different foods I want to eat and recipes I want to try.

The one list I've never made was a Bucket List.

I always felt like it was an excuse to not make concrete goals and put things off until you were dead.

Until last night.
I now have the start of a Bucket List.

Wanna know what’s on it? Good, cuz I’m gonna tell you!!!

The extent of my bucket list, as of last night. I'm going to add a lot more to it!
I also feel really cool that I was able to take a picture of my notes on my phone...even though Adrian had to show me how to do it. 

I’ve mentioned in the past how the mums and I like to watch cooking shows together. I have chronic Lyme disease and when I have a rough day I generally spend it on the couch. And since I love food, why not watch a cooking show while you’re feeling down and out?!

I just got hooked on the show called Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.

It’s AMAZING!!!! There are so many greasy, mom and pop places out there that I would never have even known they existed, and now I REALLY want to eat at them all! 

For instance, I’ve never wanted to go to Florida. I mean, I grew up listening to Ian Tyson sing how it was a “low and lugubrious land.” I don’t do low and lugubrious lands.…but now I want to go there so I can eat myself sick at a little shack called California Tacos! The things this man does to fish tacos should be illegal in 10 states. I'm definitely inspired to try my own version. If it works, I'll share it with you. If it doesn't work, I'll invite you on a road trip to Florida with me. 

In case you are a crazy foodie like me, you can go visit The Food Network’s page and search for places near you to go visit! Whoop whoop! There's an awesome excuse for a road trip if I've ever heard one...."No listen, Ma...I've gotta go try the breakfast hash at Frank's Diner in Wisconsin...I'll be back next week some time. Wanna come?" If anyone actually DOES try that out I would really, really like to be informed. Please and thank-you. 

Do you have a Bucket List? And if so, what's the craziest thing on it??? I know my "Bucket List" doesn't count as "crazy"...all my crazies are slowly being checked off my goal list, but seriously....what do you dream of accomplishing before it's too late? 

xo xo Liz 

5 min makeup

Terribly easy and quick. Perfect for glasses. Just find the perfect mascara (mine is Maybelline, plus you can actually put some false lashes) and intensify the upper lashes.

Megan Fox

Do you have anything in common with Megan Fox?
Tons of plastic surgeries? False eye lashes? Hair extensions? No??! Good. The best what we can take from her is a cute make up look. Enjoy!

Happy Days

Today was an amazing day.


Well for one, I got a lot of work done with my schoolwork and finals are next week. Yay!

Two, our custom made Western Chic Couture cuffs arrived in the mail and I can't WAIT to show them to you all. I've been wearing mine since it arrived and it is just so pretty!

And three, just as Adrian and I were about to head off for a ride the UPS truck pulled up and brought us jeans from our AMAZING sponsors, Sissie and Me and Ranch Royalty Clothing Company!!

And four, Adrian and I felt like our horses did really great! How you could you ask for anything more???? (Unless it was a steak and french fries....)

The little sister
My Fat Albert

I just realized he's 15, how time flies! 
Roo baby 

When the UPS truck comes, BF feels that it is his duty to try and get run over . So Adrian rescues him.
No, you can't go home with the UPS man.
Jeans are here!!!
Happy, happy, happy!!!
Happy dance!

Adrian's Bruce Heaner spurs
Western Chic Couture cuff, out and about! 

Custom Buckaroo Barbie cuffs from Western Chic Couture!
They have a quote from Adrian's song, Buckaroo Barbie! 

"Buckaroo Barbie....Outlaw Woman, Gotta Be Free"
Thank you so much Hailey!!  

What was the most amazing moment of your day??

xo xo Liz 

The Writing on the Floors

Our new home is almost ready for the Bassett family to take up residence. It's been 16 years since we last moved. It was at that time in 1996 that I have left my television job in Chattanooga to move back home to Mississippi and marry my husband. Now 3 kids later and lots of acquisitions, it's a bigger project and it takes much longer, too.

While the floors were in transition in the new house, I asked the children to come up with their favorite Bible verses, handed them a jumbo black Sharpie marker, and gave them the instructions: write on the floors. Will, our 7 year old, had a look on his face that read 'Last time I did this, I got in trouble' and asked, "You mean we can write on the floor and not get in trouble?" After asking why I was allowing them to write on the floors their scriptures, I explained how nice it would be to be surrounded by God's Word all of the time, especially when they're having difficult days. So, they commenced to writing first in the children's den.
Afterwards, they went to their bedrooms to write another favorite verse along with the verse I chose to pray over each of them while I was expecting them and still pray over them to this day which I shared in my first book "Forecasts & Faith: 5 Keys to Weathering the Storms of Life".

Did you know the act of writing scripture is dotted all throughout the Bible? God wrote on stone tablets for Moses (Deuteronomy 10:1-2), the Israelites wrote scriptures on their door frames (Deuteronomy 6:4-9), the Israelites wrote on the stones taken from the Jordan River (Deuteronomy 27:1-8), and writing would be a witness against Israel (Isaiah 30:8). John even stated in John 21:25,  "Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."

Psalm 119:11 says, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you."

I want our new home to be a place of spiritual revelation, peace and loving wisdom. It was a lesson for our children that we're not only hiding God's Word in our hearts, but hiding it in our home, too.

(Inquiries are being taken for the remainder of 2013. If your church or organization is wanting Barbie to speak at an upcoming conference, please visit and click "Contact Info".)

Evening with Minatour

Don't know why I associate ancient mythology with the goldy-bronze colour...but, here we are))
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Icing makeup set

Checklist for Spring

If you want things in your life to be different, you can’t do things the same way you’ve always done them. I look forward to periods of my life that seem light years away and think to myself, “Oh by that point I’ll feel different. I won’t get nervous talking to people or I’ll be in better shape or when faced with a challenge, I’ll be so confident I won’t get embarrassed!” HA HA!! I make myself laugh. I can’t expect for things to feel or BE different, unless I continuously test myself and create change in my enviorment. This is my checklist to having a life changing spring. What’s on yours??

You Will Need:

An adventurous heart.

A tough attitude (ability to handle constructive criticism).

The decision to not give up, no matter how hopeless or hard things seem.

Trying something that is challenging enough to you that it scares your pants off. 
Figuratively of course.

A group of people to surround yourself with that are kind, talented and uplifting. 
Hang around people that you want to be like!

Learn to cook something completely new. (I’m a foodie, I think about what I’m gonna eat basically all day long, so if this is weird, forget I said anything!)

Learn a new skill (learn to team rope, barrel race, braid rawhide, make saddles, paint, play an instrument, learn a language….something!).

Muscles are sexy. Muscles help you burn off more fat. 
Muscles make you look amazing in clothes or out of ‘em! Lift heavy weights!

Forgiveness. For yourself and the mistakes you will make and 
to others that will hurt you along the way.

This is my checklist, what is on yours?

xo xo Liz