10 Minute Shrimps!

Easy Shrimps
I hate cooking.
I hate washing the dishes, or even simply filling the dishwashing machine.
But what I do like is simple, fast and healthy recipes. Here’s one of them.
What you need:
1. shrimps
2. apple juice
3. any spices you like
Has it ever occurred to you to use an apple juice instead of oil? Well, if I haven’t started Dukan’s diet I guess it wouldn't have come to mind my either, but… here I am and here we go.
Leave the frying pan warming up and prepare the seafood victims.
I personally first put the shrimps in the hot water, viciously tear off the tails (that’s how they do in Hell I believe) and throw them on the pan with half a glass of the juice. The juice won’t let them burn and will add some subtle sweet-something-unusual-but-cool taste. Leave them like this for about 3 min and then pour off a little bit of juice from the pan and leave the shrimps for more 3-4 minutes to let them become beautifully tanned… I mean fried. I personally love to add some paprika and oregano.
VoilĂ ! We are done.
You can eat them as they are or continue showing off and add some potatoes, foie gras, salad or hell knows what.
I hope you like it.