This One's For The Boys

I’m a 25, blue eyed, kinda blonde haired girl. I look like a 5’8, reasonably curvy woman...but in all actuality...I am a 12-year-old boy.

Do you know how I know this?

Because of my obsession with action movies. Or, specifically movies that make really cool sounds.

I LOVE all of the Transformer movies. Seriously, I own them. And I frequently watch them as I fall asleep. I LOVE the sound the robots make when they switch from car to alien robot….it’s all ching-chang- chhhhhkkkk and I freaking love it.

I also love the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movies. Yes, I know she’s dumb and over exaggerated and has big boobies and wears her shorts wayyy too short…BUT I LOVE THOSE MOVIES!! I mean, didn’t watching The Cradle of Life make you want to jump on a big Fresian and set up your own targets that you could shoot while running madly into the trees? Or whack someone with a big stick? No??? Just me? Hmm…Ok…

I consider Caddyshack to be a film. Yes, a film. It answers most of life’s most important questions, like, “Who are the gopher’s friends? But the rabbit and the lowly squirrel.” There you’re set. Throw in a little Dali Llama wisdom about receiving total consciousness on your death bed and you’re set.

Iron Man. BAM. How can you not love Iron Man? His arrogance, his humanity, the awesome one-liners and there again, the AMAZING sounds his suits makes when he puts it on. RAWR.

The Avengers. I don’t even know where to begin….Captain America and Thor and Iron Man and the Hulk all in the same movie??? I wanna be the big green monster that gets to dash the bad guy on the ground like a toy…oh my gosh I’m going to go rent it right now on iTunes. You people don’t even know.

And THAT’S how I know, I’m actually a 12 year old boy. 

Robots rule! And so do action figures. Well, basically anything Marvel Comics related. Except Spiderman. He’s a little weird.

xo xo Liz