Sunny Days & Scotch Cap Smiles

Wake up. Grumble at your alarm clock and hide from the bedside light that chases the early morning darkness away. Stoke up the fire, turn the coffee on to brew, let the rat dog out and bounce back into bed, teeth chattering. Do homework until you feel that your head will surely explode. Throw back the curtains at first light and glory in the beginning of a new day…this chance to use all your resources, talents and determination to make yourself into something extraordinary.

Feed horses, break water, think about your friends feeding cows in the snow. Laugh at the ridiculous tinge of green grass starting to show. Drink coffee, visit with family, build another fire in a different house and suffer from the familiar feelings of fire making anxiety. Breath when fire roars hot and laugh at yourself. Saddle horses and let them stand tied. Scrape hide hanging in barn. Daydream about roping horses for the first time in town, team roping and lunch. Ride horses. Unsaddle and put horses away. Eat entirely too much for lunch and lie on the couch and watch a movie. Do laundry. Feel thankful. Haul yourself to your feet and shuffle out to your lovely, girly cave, sarcastically referred to as the “bunkhouse.” Try and bring some order to the mess you’ve created. Abandon folding clothes and go rope the dummy. Hike up a little mountain with your best friend and watch the sun set. Be completely overwhelmed with your life. Give thanks. Enjoy your Saturday. 

xo xo Liz