Here's To Life

Here’s to 2013.

Here’s to meeting new people, going new places and trying new things.

Here’s to determination, grit, try and the beauty of getting back on your feet and trying again tomorrow.

Here’s to the horses that will be rode and shown and loved.

Here’s to the cows that will be gathered, roped, branded, worked and cussed at.

Here’s to the dogs that are our companions, best friends and constant “getting in the gate”rs.

Here’s to the rawhide that will be braided, the horsehair that will be twisted, the silver that will be engraved, the mohair that will be strung and the saddles that will be built.

Here’s to the men that inspire us, push us and believe in us and here’s to the men that work day in and out to provide their families with a life they believe in and love.

Here’s to the women that challenge us, inspire us and help us along the way and here’s to the women that sacrifice so that their families can enjoy a lifestyle they believe in and love.

Here’s to the dads who ignore painful joints to shoe a beloved pony.

Here’s to the moms and dads who uncomplainingly haul sons and daughters from rodeo to rodeo each weekend.

Here’s to the GOALS that have been made and will be achieved this year.

Here’s to the love that will be felt and even lost.

Here’s to the joy we will experience from participating in this grand adventure we call life.

Here’s to you, and here’s to me.

xo xo Liz