No One Likes A Tease

Hello peeps!

I thought I was going to be back home by early afternoon, but it turned out I pulled an all-day-in-town, town day. A 12-hour town day, to be exact. I love those. Insert sarcasm here. I was planning on returning early enough to skin a steer, ride my horse and write you a terrific blog introducing you to an incredible woman who is going to challenge and inspire us for the next six weeks. And I was going to tell you all about a giveaway that’s coming up. But instead I’m too damn tired and I’m going to fall into bed and listen to the horses in the wrangle pen as I fall asleep and give thanks that I don’t have to live in the noisy, crowded, stale city that I came from today. Woof. And snuggle my rat dog. Because if you have a rat dog, never pass up an opportunity to snuggle it. 

I hope your curiosity is sufficiently aroused. 

Sweet dreams, Dolls and Gents!

xo xo Liz