Winter Care

Winter it's not just a majestic Coca-Cola commercial, tribute to coffee from Starbucks or fur coats. It's a nightmare for your skin. One day it's windy, then it's snowy, then it's rainy, wet, cloudy, sunny?, stormy, nasty... and you want to die. lol
So, I suggest before we take gorgeous photos of us, lying in the snow, playing snowballs and just wandering around the yard in snowflakes, let's prepare for the worst.
My all time favourites are:
1. Hand Cream by ORLY Rich Renewal. The smell is amazing and the cream itself is brilliant for cold weather.
2. Eye Cream by CLINIQUE All About Eyes Rich. Must have I believe. Wonderful thing.
3. Body Butter by AJMAL En Vogue. Beautifully softens your skin and has a very pleasant fragrance.
4. Hair Thermal Styling by MATRIX Design Pulse. Your hair suffer too and a lot! Plus this mist in particular has a wonderful styling effect, it helps to add some volume to the hair so you may even skip your hair setting.