Best of 2012

Here's a recap of Adrian and I's year through pictures...the best moments and pictures of 2012.


Blasting some clays last winter

First time at the horse races! 
Adrian of course won some money! A whole $5!! 
Dan & Hanna Conway sent me some lizard earrings...thank you guys!! 

Beautiful spring time in Northern CA

Look at those wildflowers!! Partly thanks to happy cows! :) 

My first heel knot base with hot glue! 
Cold spring day at home, riding the ponies and reading good books! 

Boyfriend and Roo like to go on the road with us
Town roping :) 
Buckaroo Barbie toes and flip-flops! 
4:30am TV in Santa Clarita, CA
Adrian and Dave Thornberry visting during a break filming
Santa Clarita, CA

On a trip down south we found this boat....FISH NAKED!! Challenge accepted????
Adrian got a bucking machine
Sisters stick together! 
An afternoon fishing trip to a mountain lake
Adrian always fishes in style
Adrian and I finally met Emily Fuhriman at The Californios in Reno in April...she is our hero!! 
I got to cut up my first boiled feeling in the world! 
A little afternoon doctoring yearlings
We visited the Grand Canyon for the first time on our way to Texas so Adrian could open for The Josh Abbott Band and ride a bronc. 
We watched the sun set at the Grand was an amazing experience! 
Adrian got sponsored by Sissie & Me Ranch Royalty...such pretty things! 
We went to Italy for a ranch roping and a show....isn't this beautiful?! 
An article on Adrian in cool! :) 
Adrian and Drew Mischanti riding at the Rocking AN ranch n Italy
We are so blessed to call Drew and Natalia our friends!! We love you guys! 
I roped French (Charolais) cows on Italian cool is that?!
Natalia Mastrota and I...she is such a cool Buckaroo Barbie!
Roo baby...the coolest dog EVER.
Typical Thanksgiving at the Brannan's. YUM.
I started fly-fishing.....and keeping my great-grandma's pearls in my fly case is a great way to travel! 
Happy Sisters and Buckaroo Barbies 
Buckaroo Barbie's new picture...from The Gypsy Vaqueras photo shoot
The Gypsy Vaqueras Photo Shoot
The Gypsy Vaqueras Photo Shoot
Nashville, TN
Boyfriend....the weirdest dog in the world. But he's Adrian's so I guess he's all right ;) 
On our way to a Pre-New Years Eve party
Adrian wearing her Lil Red Roan hoodie and scarf...THANK YOU MINDY!!! 
New Years Eve House Concert

2012 was great....thank you so much for a wonderful year and we really can't wait to see what 2013 will bring Buckaroo Barbie! We love each and every one of's to realizing your potential, chasing down your dreams and making them come true!!

xo xo Liz & Adrian