Lady Legs & Stretching Hides

A few stormy days ago I was sitting in front of my wood stove, toasting my feet and working on the How To Hair: Vintage Roll Updo post and feeling rather poorly. Our sorta neighbors, the Dunlaps, blew in with a gust of wind after checking their cows and some great news: there was an old cow down who would be perfect for braiding if I wanted her. I could go get the hide the next morning once she had expired. After giving me directions to where she was, Jim and Julie blew back away. I was a happy little gal. The next morning I woke up seriously under the weather. Like bad sick. Like, can't get out of bed sick. I was so upset, there was a hide down there waiting for me and I couldn't go get it!! It turns out that Jim and Julie are actually angels in disguise because that night there was a freshly skinned hide waiting for me on the fence. I might have even shed a little tear of happiness. Thank you both. :) 

I don't have a frame right now and since I wanted to stretch this hide now, I improvised and pretended that the barn frame was my frame. I don't need to do my arm-workout this evening. I also wore my Pretty Westy cap, which actually made me feel pretty westy. hehehe And I used my new lady's leg knife from Lil' Red Roan. I'm pleased to announce that this knife holds an edge and can also double as a can opener. BAM. Awesomeness. 

You're looking at my future pair of reins right there....happy dance! 

Hope you all have a wonderful evening! 

xo xo Liz