A Note To Myself

Today I was reading through old posts of Buckaroo Barbie, and came across one entitled It's The Climb. I wrote it in April last year, but I needed to read it today! It's funny how some things resonate with us more strongly at different times in our lives.

This is what I'm concentrating on today, this evening, tonight as I fall asleep, tomorrow morning...that I can only truly grow and change when I'm uncomfortable. I figure it's kind of like strength training. You lift weights, your muscles HURT the next day, you're sore and uncomfortable, and then after being consistently uncomfortable, your muscles start to change. They're new, stronger and better than before!

Here's to being uncomfortable and off-kilter and a little sore....I think the muscles and the change that will emerge will be truly worth it in the end. :)

xo xo Liz