1,2, Freddy's coming for you

Hello, My Dear Living Creatures!
Welcome to my little Madville, please feel at home.
This blog I devote to everything what can occur in a blonde’s mind, so before you continue reading you’d better consult a doctor.

My name is Barbie Mutation and I would be happy to share with you every nonsense that I find amusing or worth seeing. I love tattoos, cats, motorcycles, chocolate, makeup, Deadpool, painting, Amsterdam, silver creepy jewelry and sleeeeeeping. I am also fond of all sorts of design and creative stuff, so here you’ll see beauty recommendations, recipes and just my philosophical talks about long-expected end of the world, men, unicorns, weather and kittens.
I am a very straightforward and sarcastic person, so please bear this in mind, I have no intention to hurt your sensitive ego, I am not perfect, I am just perfectly me.

~So… have a good day and don’t drink&drive!... you may spill your beer~